The Amazing Retro 1995-style Homepage and Nearly Content-Free Website of
Robert Saint John, aka Rob Saint John, aka Robert W. St. John
Cleveland, OH

Hello! Why are you here? Is it for the sleek, free-flowing design? Is it because it's the only page on the internet that won't crash your browser? Well, welcome. Can't promise to make it interesting, though.

Oh, and I am not Robert St. John the Chef. I have no killer recipes for barbecue. But you'd love my veggie lasagna.

My Crunchy Side:

Until recently, I was the Director of Sales & Marketing for Ligos Corporation, a company that specializes in software-based solutions for digital video processing. You probably have something of ours on your computer or cable set-top box, and don't even know it. For nearly 20 years, I've specialized in nearly every aspect of digital video, from acquisition to production to delivery, as well as designing and documenting video software and systems for consumers, professionals and broadcasters. I deployed one of the first large-scale online video success stories (which I can't talk about, or I'd have to kill you), co-authored a Scientific American article on Digital Entertainment and Convergence technologies, and have been with Ligos since its founding in 1997.

My Sweet Frosty Side:

I'm definitely a child of the 80s when it comes to music and media. My DVD and CD collections beat up yours, and your kid. If it has something to do with Doctor Who, Japanese Kaiju films, classic movies from the 30s-50s (I love TCM!), the works of Isaac Asimov, tabletop RPGs, Quatermass, Ghost in the Shell, Star Trek, or William Gibson I probably love it.

Recent Hobby Projects:

Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules for Kindle (211kb zipped AZW), as pimped on the All Games Considered Podcast! Adapted from the QSR for Posthuman Studios' absolutely rockin' Eclipse Phase, the post-apocalyptic science fiction game of transhumanism, conspiracy and horror; and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
Foundation Transmissions, a supplement for the sci-fi RPG Thousand Suns with articles and art by yours truly.
ENTERPRISE (18MB PDF), my translation of the 1983 Japanese Star Trek roleplaying game by Tsukuda Hobby
Mothra vs. Godzilla (PDF) - My complete translation of the 1982 Bandai wargame, "Mothra vs. Godzilla".
Ship Cards for the Thousand Suns RPG (PDF) - Alternate Ship Combat Cards for Grognardia Games' brilliant "Imperial Science Fiction" role-playing game, Thousand Suns.

Contact Me:

Send e-mail to "robert@" this domain.